Sunday, June 11, 2006
A Post(er)
(Preparing for a Conference)

So it was around this time last year that in preparation for taking a poster to Cogsci in Stresa, I took part in our local jamboree. So this year, in preparation for CoLing/ACL in Sydney, I made a poster for the jamboree. Unfortunately, it was being held at Kings Buildings which is a couple of miles south of the office, and I have been really busy this week so only went on the first day.

It wasn't quite as sucessful as last year's jamboree. I put this down to the venue. Not that I have anything against the computer scientists that are forced out of town from the rest of the university (all the scientists are) because I used to be one. It's just that they have such completely different research interests. No vision...that's what it is. Our work concerns language, so fits well in the remit of our group, but within Informatics as a whole, it's hard to generate interest. But we know our work is important so that's what matters.

Of course a lack of feedback doesn't bother me. It is actually Jon who will be taking the poster to Sydney, so if it's rubbish, on his head be it. Of course, I made it, and my name is on it so...well...

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