Friday, August 04, 2006
But Is It Art??
That's a question applied often down the ages, but know we must seriously turn it to blogs. We've all seen blogs as books, but this year there are THREE shows at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I first saw a poster for a show based on Baghdad Burning, "a young Iraqi's internet journal." Fair enough I thought, it's topical, could be poignant, it's a story people need to hear.

And then I read the BBC article about Blogger: Real Internet Diaries. This is a show from a producer who had previously never heard of blogs, but an old classmate pointed him to his. He and a friend had such fun "performing it for each other" (taking the piss more likes) that they decide to make a show out of blogs. They got agreement from ten british bloggers, and will be using their blogs, word for word. Now I'm not saying that these people's stories are no less worthy of telling, but it just seems like really lazy storytelling.

Day 1 - "Oh man, the Edinburgh Festival is coming up and we need a show. What are we going to do??"

Day 2 - "What are blogs? I've never heard of them...oh really...and people reveal EVERYTHING? What an odd concept. How funny."

Day 3 - "Wait a minute..."

Heck, maybe I'm not being very might good...but it just seems like cashing in on a trend to me.

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