Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Read My Lips
(Advertising a publication and a talk)
Some time back, Alastair Gill, Jon Oberlander and myself submitted a paper to the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. We recently found out that after making some edits, we have been accepted. This is very exciting news because it is my first journal publication. Journal publications are very exciting. They are worth more academically than conference papers, probably because they are more substantial. Of course this means they also take longer to write, longer to review, and just generally much longer to get published. I think as records going, from being just one year on from submitting my thesis, I'm doing pretty well. As soon as the final touches have been applied, and everything is given the green light, I shall post a link.

As well as the written word however, I am enjoying the trappings of the spoken word. I mentioned in my last post that I had been asked to give a talk here, as part of the HAIL series. Well my talk is next Tuesday at 11am local time. I will be summarising my thesis, and all the work I have done on blogs to date. But you don't just have to hear about it from me, you can actually watch it for yourselves. Although the link does not currently do anything, if you tune in at the right time (Tuesday 10th October, 11am AEST) you can watch the whole thing live. I'll be expecting plenty of questions and feedback.

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