Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Rent This Space
Blogs as advertising is certainly not a new idea. From having adverts on blogs, to creating a "blog" with the sole purpose of advertising a movie or soft drink. Does it work? I'm not the man in the know on this topic I'm afraid. However, I recently came across an interesting example that does appear to be working.

Amanda sent me a link to one of the blogs she reads Chubby Hubby, a food blogger in Singapore. It seems through his work and knowing the people that he and his wife knows, he has been able to put together a fantastic food-based prize from a well-respected chef. Now, this is a prize for him to give away purely on his blog. However, since it is being funded by a bank, entrants must be bank cardmembers.

Now whilst I'm sure his motives are mainly to give people an opportunity to enjoy a funky dessert-based meal, this will work out really well for the bank. Because it is not wholly an advertisement, and because people respect Hubby as a food blogger, people will want the chance to win. And to do that, people are going to need a card. Certainly people are expressing interest in his comments. I wonder just how successful a drive this will be for what will be comparatively little investment on the banks part when compared to regular advertising space.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Conference Call
Well it's been a while since I went a month without posting. I got very good at updating things. But there have been less developments on the blog front recently, so I've had nothing to say. That is, until now.

Firstly, I have had a paper accepted to another conference. The Australasian Document Computing Symposium is clearly keen to hear about how to look at documents from the perspective of the personality of the author. Not only that, but I'm the final presentation of the single day event, so clearly those who attended the workshop in Melbourne recently were impressed with my performance. It's up in Brisbane in early December, about a week before we fly to the States for Christmas. It should be quite interesting, and it's always good to spread the word of blog further afield. Of course, I should probably tell my co-author...

In other conference news, the deadline is shortly approaching for the inaugural International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media. This is being held in Boulder in late March and the deadline is December 8, right before the conference in Brisbane actually. Now any blogademic worth his salt will be there, so I highly encourage submission. That said, I really ought to get back to working on mine.

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