Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Rent This Space
Blogs as advertising is certainly not a new idea. From having adverts on blogs, to creating a "blog" with the sole purpose of advertising a movie or soft drink. Does it work? I'm not the man in the know on this topic I'm afraid. However, I recently came across an interesting example that does appear to be working.

Amanda sent me a link to one of the blogs she reads Chubby Hubby, a food blogger in Singapore. It seems through his work and knowing the people that he and his wife knows, he has been able to put together a fantastic food-based prize from a well-respected chef. Now, this is a prize for him to give away purely on his blog. However, since it is being funded by a bank, entrants must be bank cardmembers.

Now whilst I'm sure his motives are mainly to give people an opportunity to enjoy a funky dessert-based meal, this will work out really well for the bank. Because it is not wholly an advertisement, and because people respect Hubby as a food blogger, people will want the chance to win. And to do that, people are going to need a card. Certainly people are expressing interest in his comments. I wonder just how successful a drive this will be for what will be comparatively little investment on the banks part when compared to regular advertising space.

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