Friday, February 09, 2007
Whirlwind Of Me
(A quick summary of recent times)
That's right, it has been a while. So what has been happening you ask yourselves. Well:
  • I'm writing another ARC funding proposal. If that comes off, then there will be plenty to blog about as it will be a major study that I'd like all the key players to be involved in.
  • I managed to miss out on a few conference deadlines that were early in the year, I was just too busy, but I have a couple of publications in the pipeline.
  • I've been doing a spot of journal reviewing, which is a great opportunity and is really interesting.
  • Most recently, we had our paper accepted at ICWSM, which is always nice. They've published a list of the accepted papers, and it's looking like a really good conference. There are some really interesting titles in the list, and the author list is good too. There's a few names missing from CAAW last year, and a few very welcome additions, but from previous experience I can tell it's going to be a really good group of people. I've said it before, but if you are in anyway interested in being a blogademic, you'd be a fool to miss this.

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