Monday, April 27, 2009
2009, The Story So Far
Did I mention that the paper Alastair, Jon and I recently wrote was accepted for this years ICWSM conference? No? Well it was. I'm hoping to make it over but there are a few things to work out here first. Either way the esteemed Dr Gill will be presenting on our behalf. It's looking like a pretty interesting conference, and the reviewers certainly showed great interest in our work.

Ok, so I maybe didn't mention that, but surely I told you about the other work that is happening around the world with my fellow blogademics? Did I not? I could have sworn that I told you about the work up in Calgary looking at non-literal language (for example sarcasm and hyperbole) in blogs; and the studies being conducted in personality classification in Chicago following the work on our 2007 paper with our large dataset. There are a few posters and papers in the offing and I'll definitely tell you more as things develop.

I certainly know I haven't told you anything about what I've been doing recently at work. I too am following up all my previous work on socio-biographic classification of text. We've been undergoing a program of redevelopment on some of our language processing software, and I'm very much enjoying being at the heart of it. Things are shaping up nicely.

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